New College Lanarkshire unveils Oracle curriculum

New College Lanarkshire, Oracle and RBS team up to entice students into careers in IT

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and New College Lanarkshire have teamed up with Oracle Academy to offer a curriculum to inspire UK students to take up careers in IT.

New College Lanarkshire has unveiled its Higher National Diploma in IT, a two-year course for students wanting to focus on technology.

The diploma will be incorporated into the Oracle Academy curriculum, with RBS offering work experience to students on the course. 

The work experience will also teach students how to prepare for interviews. The coursework requires learning in areas such as SQL, PL/SQL and Java programming. Participants have to complete both work experience and coursework to be awarded the qualification.

Jane Richardson, director of Oracle Academy Emea, said: “Our collaboration with New College Lanarkshire to use Oracle Academy’s curriculum in Java programming and database development, coupled with participation from RBS, illustrates how technology firms, businesses and academia can work together to better prepare students for careers in technology and IT. 

“The Higher National Diploma in IT serves as an ideal model for colleges participating in Oracle Academy, not just in Scotland, but across the UK and beyond.”

Chelsea App Academy unveiled

In further news, a recruitment scheme for young students wishing to enter the tech industry has launched in West London. The Chelsea App Academy was recently unveiled by Greg Hands, MP for Chelsea and Fulham.

The academy has been designed by tech firm Chelsea Apps Factory, which launched the initiative to help close the mobile skills gap.

Chelsea Apps Factory has partnered with Glasgow University, Ulster University, Queens University in Belfast, Kingston University in London, and Brunel University, all of which will be offering support to potential tech talent, including applications from those who have decided not to enter higher education.

A total of 12 applicants will be chosen, based on their potential and ability, after a series of aptitude and awareness tests. Successful applicants will receive a year-long placement at one of the company’s tech hubs in London, Edinburgh or Belfast. The candidates will also have the opportunity to join the firm after their placement has ended.

“Giving young people their first experience in the workplace is an essential part in delivering a healthy and stable economy,” said Hands. “Technology is an industry in which Britain has always taken a leading role in the world, and is fast becoming one of the bedrock industries in the modern UK economy. Chelsea Apps Factory is one of the tech industry’s great success stories and I’m proud to represent it in my constituency. 

“I’m especially pleased that with this new scheme the Chelsea Apps Factory team will be helping not only our bright young graduates get on the career ladder, but that they will also be encouraging people without a higher-education qualification to apply. This means that there are opportunities here for talented and gifted people, regardless of their educational history.”

Chelsea Apps Factory is currently a team of 70 based across its London and Edinburgh offices. The firm plans to double its staff over the next 18 months. A new tech hub is due to open in Belfast this year.

Mike Anderson, CEO and founder of Chelsea Apps Factory, said: “The UK is a hotbed of technological talent. We easily match Israel, the United States and our European neighbours in terms of ability, ingenuity and inspiration. However, mobile software development is an area that is lacking in skills, mainly because the industry is so new.

“The market is barely five years old. It means that many people coming out of university are set up for a PC – not a mobile – world. So, like our business, the App Academy is designed with mobile in mind. We want to help people adapt their skills so we get the best out of the talent out there. Mobile continues to transform people's and businesses' lives, which is why our academy is so important for unlocking this nascent talent.”

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