More UK schools judged ‘outstanding’ with Naace ICT Mark than without

UK primary schools with Naace ICT Mark three times more likely to achieve Ofsted ‘outstanding’ finds report

UK primary schools with the Naace ICT Mark are more likely to achieve ‘outstanding’ on Ofsted reports, according to a survey by the national association for technology in a connected world – Naace.

The research found that 92% of primary schools and 88% of secondary schools that have the Naace ICT Mark, which is awarded to schools that have completed the Naace technology programme, are judged as either ‘good’ or ‘outstanding.’

This is in comparison to 70% of secondary schools, without the mark.

The Naace ICT Mark is designed to support schools with the teaching of computing and is offered to schools that have completed the Self-review Framework (SRF).

The SRF is an online assessment tool with provides a structure to review a school’s use of technology. The framework aims to support school improvement through a criteria where students become digitally literate and are 'able to use and express themselves and develop their ideas through information and communications technology'.

One a school has completed the SRF it is eligible to apply for the ICT Mark within three years of the SRF award.

Mark Chambers, CEO at Naace, said: "I am delighted to see that schools engaging with the Naace Self-review Framework and committing to the achievement of the ICT Mark as part of their school improvement agenda are significantly more likely to achieve an outstanding assessment from Ofsted."

"The Self- review framework, which leads to the Naace ICT Mark accreditation, is now shown to be a robust school improvement tool and should be an essential part of each schools toolkit. The results of this survey demonstrate that," said Carol Porter, manager of the Technology Curriculum Support Centre in Bury.

Joe Basketts, education director at Fantastict, said: "As a holder of the Naace Mark Service Provider Quality Assurance award, Fantastict is happy to have confirmed the importance to their school partners engaging with the SRF/ICT Mark. We remain committed to including access to the SRF as an integral part of the A-Three Consultancy Service offering to schools."


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