Virgin Media Business Digital Youth Council presents tech ideas at Bett 2015

Virgin Media Business's Digital Youth Council shares ideas on the future of education technology at Bett show

Virgin Media Business's Digital Youth Council has shared its ideas on the future of education technology to attendees of the Bett Show 2015.

The council of eight pupils aged between nine and 17 unveiled two technology ideas for the classroom.

Virgin Media Business selected its Digital Youth Council in December 2014, with the aim of changing the way technology is being used in schools.

The council was put together to take part in debates with the Department of Education and other influencers to express how technology can shape the future of young people. The initiative was created as part of a nationwide review named Generation Tech which is aimed at investigating the role technology is playing in education.

The students unveiled a smart wristband which has been designed to replace registers, school bells, reading lists and timetables to help guide pupils through their day.

The second idea from the council was an app that simulates a computer virus or hack. The app asks pupils to put measures in place to protect dummy data and scores them on how much survives.

Virgin Media Business, along with Nathan John Dicks of education social enterprise Rewise Foundation, facilitated the presentation.

Virgin also outlined its Big Ask initiative, which calls on the government to establish a nationwide buddy system to enable schools to support each other and share best practices. The company pledged itself to act as a buddy to help local schools.

Virgin Media Business director of public sector Gerry Arthurs said Bett brings together the best ideas in education technology, so it is only right students have the opportunity to participate in the debate.

“It's about hearing from pupils themselves about the innovations they believe can really make a difference – and I hope tech firms and teachers alike will sit up and take note," he said.

“Since launching Generation Tech last summer, we’ve been the ones doing the learning about where schools are struggling to keep up with the digital revolution, and where others are leading the way. 

"Technology is central to our children's future and to sustaining our country’s digital competitive advantage, so we hope our Big Ask will help ensure schools have the support and resources they need.”

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