Top 10 cloud stories of 2014

Cloud computing has evolved, giving businesses an increasing array of options from simple IT infrastructure up to full business applications

Over the past 12 months cloud computing has evolved, giving businesses an increasing array of options from simple IT infrastructure all the way up to line-of-business applications. was the tip of the iceberg for IT losing control of the application estate. With a growing number of applications delivered via the cloud, Computer Weekly followed how the role of IT was evolving.

The recent downtime on Azure highlighted just how exposed businesses can be and brought into question if there is such a thing as true cloud resilience.

What has been different in 2014 is Microsoft seems to be getting its Azure story straight under the leadership of its new CEO Satya Nadella; HP is splitting the enterprise and consumer divisions, which should improve its cloud offerings; and SAP, Oracle and IBM are all pushing cloud services.

Cloud computing offers the ability to deliver software updates continuously, but how do users keep up?

Here are the top 10 cloud stories of 2014.

1. Picking the cloud service that's right for you

In this guest blog post, chief product architect at Mirantis Christopher Aedo explains how to evaluate the cloud requirements and pick the right platform.

2. Tackling bloatware in the age of cloud-based apps

With cloud computing changing the way applications are licensed, developed and deployed, Microsoft Office general manager Julia White discusses the impact on users.

3. How resilient is the public cloud?

The fact some Microsoft Azure services were offline following an update in November illustrates the precarious juggling act CIOs must perform in the cloud era.

4. Why does Amazon still dominate the cloud world?

Amazon’s enterprise speak – hybrid cloud, security, data sovereignty, and management and support  – signifies a maturity that could help it retain its lead.

5. Can elephants dance in the cloud?

IBM is spending $1.2bn to create a global network of public cloud datacentres.

6. Google I/O: Extending Google's enterprise reach

Google has extended its enterprise apps portfolio with functionality that could make it a viable alternative to traditional enterprise software, especially for governments and in regulated industries.

7. A CIO's friend or foe?

Software as a service (SaaS) company recently celebrated its 15th birthday. We look at its strategy and the impact on corporate IT.

8. How to select the best hybrid cloud provider for your firm

A successful shift towards a hybrid cloud corporate environment requires a new approach to trust throughout the organisation.

9. Microsoft and Cisco work together on cloud and datacentre

Cisco has entered into a three-year sales and go-to-market collaboration with Microsoft to deliver integrated cloud and datacentre services to enterprises.

10. Microsoft and Amazon’s cloud war reaches next level

In the final quarter of 2014, the industry eagerly awaited major announcements from the cloud biggies.

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