IT pros interviewed more times than other sectors

Tech workers undergo more interview processes than any other UK sector, reveals Randstad Technologies report

IT and technology professionals are required to undergo more interview processes than any other sector, according to report from recruitment firm Randstad Technologies.

Some 60% of tech professionals said they had more than one interview before landing their role compared with the UK average of 35%. 

Nearly two-fifths (39%) of respondents considered themselves to be a "well-practiced interviewee", whereas the UK average was 27%. Only 26% said "they used to be well-practiced but are now rusty", which was lower than the UK average of 32%.

Randstad Technologies managing director Mike Beresford said the reason behind these figures was because most successful tech workers are masters of a broad range of skills.

“This means they often have to jump through more hoops in the interview process before getting a job offer," he said. "As technology evolves, so does the range of expertise needed to match – from cyber security to big data analytics and app development. 

"The technology sector encompasses so much more than in the past, and taking advantage of the opportunities it opens is becoming increasingly crucial to a company’s success, meaning experienced IT professionals are highly sought after.

“But while many professionals may find this daunting, tech workers are rising to the challenge. They are used to adapting to new technology and learning new skills. They’re not fazed by the multiple interviews required to secure the best jobs.”

According to the research, tech workers are making mistakes during interviews, with 48% admitting their mind had gone blank during interviews, compared with the UK average of 41%. More than a quarter (26%) said they prepared inadequately, compared with the UK average of 21%.

Some 18% of IT workers admitted to being late for an interview – above the UK average of 9% – and 12% said they have dressed inappropriately for an interview before, compared with the UK average of 5%.

Beresford said many tech firms are promoting a casual and fun environment, but this shows that workers still need to be mindful not to overstep the mark: “Turning up late or dressing inappropriately are automatic turn-offs for employers.

“Tech workers may be rushed off their feet in the office, but it is important they don’t allow this to tar their first impression at an interview. When it comes to inadequate preparation there is no excuse – candidates should know their own CV and the requirements of the role they are applying for inside out.”

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