Bank of America customers charged twice for Apple Pay mobile wallet transactions

Software glitch charges Bank of America customers twice for purchases they have made through Apple's mobile wallet application, Apple Pay

Some Bank of America customers have been charged twice for purchases made through the Apple Pay mobile wallet application.

The glitch was the result of a technical error between the bank and a payment network not involving Apple, according to a report by re/code.

The glitch was reported by a CNN journalist who had been testing the software since its release earlier in October 2014.

A spokesperson from Bank of America said around 1,000 transactions had been affected by the glitch, but could not comment on what had caused it, or which organisation was at fault.

Bank of America will refund customers who have been double-charged. Apple had declined to comment at the time of publication.

The Apple Pay mobile wallet claims to keep data safe by ensuring no card or transaction detail is left on the iPhone at the point of purchase. Instead, a Device Account Number is generated and stored in an encrypted partition on the device. This number is then used when transactions take place.

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Apple stores no information about the customer or card involved in the transaction. According to reports, this meant Apple was unable to refund money to customers who had been charged twice, as they had no record of the payment being made.

Apple Pay is only currently available in the US. It has yet to be announced when Apple Pay will be made available in the UK and Europe, and mobile wallets are not yet as popular in the UK as in other countries.

In a release on Apple’s website earlier this month, Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice-president of internet software and services, commented that the initial reaction to Apple Pay had been “amazing”.

He said: “We continue to add more Apple Pay-ready banks, credit card companies and merchants, and think our users will love paying with Apple Pay.”

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