Google speeds online searches in India

Google is planning to enable faster online search capability for mobile phones in India

Google is planning to enable faster online search capability for mobile phones in India.

Google software engineer, Bharat Mediratta, said in a blog post on earlier this month: “The Internet is a global gathering space of infinite opportunity, where people from around the world can exchange ideas and access humanity’s knowledge. Everyone should have equal access to the internet’s information to improve their everyday lives, regardless of who they are or where they live.”

The internet giant will automatically check if a user has a slow wireless connection and deliver a fast loading version of search. Google’s decision to enhance search capability on phones used on slow networks offered by telecom operators in India will aid in enhancing mobile internet penetration.

This aims to spread the reach of the mobile market by offering better internet experience, increase online and mobile advertisement markets, which Google sees as a huge opportunity in India.

Not all mobile devices come with good connectivity. But Google, which recently launched Android One operating system for emerging telecom markets, said it is adding a new streamlined version of search results page in India.

Ratan Jyoto, chief manager information security at Vijaya Bank, said: "I understand the new Google technology should have capability to determine internet speed of the mobile device. Google should have the suitable version of search pages for different speed."

The International Telecommunication Union, in a report released in September 2014 has ranked India globally at 125 for fixed broadband, 113 for mobile internet, 75 for household internet penetration and 142 for internet user penetration in 2013.

VeerChand Bothra, CIO at NetCORE Solutions, said email marketing via mobiles is the main channel for many Indian businesses. 

“Push messaging, SMS and email has become the primary way to reach people on mobile. With increased penetration of android smartphones, email is also now becoming a mobile marketing channel,” he said.

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