Visa extends reach of digital wallet

Visa has announced that it will expand its digital wallet into eight new regions by the end of 2014

Visa is to expand its digital wallet into eight new regions by the end of this year.

The service will be available in Germany, Ireland, Norway, Sweden and Italy, with pilots launched in Slovakia, Greece and the Czech Republic as part of a €200m investment.

Anne Head, head of go-to-market for, said: “As time goes on, countries comes to us and ask if they can offer the service in their country, so it’s very much driven by the members, and of course consumers who are asking for more convenient ways to pay.”

The service, which has been available since May 2012, is a digital wallet, branded by participating banks, which enables customers to pay for goods via their mobile phone.

Nationwide became the first bank to offer the service last November, and RBS has launched a digital trial.

Visa Europe plans to work with providers in each region to provide interoperability for customers who want to use the service as they travel.

Head added: “With, what we’ve found is consumers are shopping in multiple markets. It’s really important for consumers that they can purchase just as conveniently and securely in any market in Europe, and a majority of those transactions are with European retailers from European cardholders.”

Some 20,000 retailers already take part in the service, including PC World, Clarks and French e-commerce retailer Leclerc Drive.

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