Case study: Goodwood Estate responds to mobile with responsive site

Goodwood Estate aims to increase customer loyalty using a responsive website and data collection system

Goodwood Estate is seeking to boost customer loyalty through a responsive website and data collection system from sport ticketing specialist Advanced Ticketing.

Home to the Festival of Speed, the historic estate also hosts other events such as horse racing, gift experiences, flight experiences and private track days.

Lord March, who manages the Goodwood Estate, is adamant that customer experience always comes first. In light of this, Goodwood’s move to a responsive website aims to ensure a good customer experience and drive loyalty through customer data.

Customers come first

“It’s more than just a website, it’s an e-commerce solution," says Di Hudson, head of IT at the Goodwood Estate.

Due to the vast number of different sporting events that customers can attend at the estate, the chosen system needed to allow customers to purchase tickets on the web using any type of device for any of the sporting events offered.

“The e-commerce solution will deliver the ability to buy tickets for all of the events and experience days online,” says Hudson.

Not only will customers be able to purchase tickets online, but data about these purchases will help to build profiles on these customers. Talent Sport will serve as a data repository for this information, which will be used to enable Goodwood to better serve customers in the future.

“Customers will have a profile and that will hold what they are interested in and what they have previously bought," says Hudson. "That will help us offer them other products that they might be interested in that they didn’t know Goodwood provided.”

Diverse offering

Advance Ticketing already caters to a number of sporting clubs and venues, including Liverpool and Leeds United football clubs, Chester Racecourse and Silverstone.

However, Mark Dewell, managing director of Advanced Ticketing, says the company is keen to move into other areas to ensure that the Talent Sport product continues to grow.

“We’re keen to continue to challenge ourselves and continually innovate our product. Whilst football and rugby were full of challenges in that respect, and they do keep us advancing our product, to introduce value back into the product we need to take our influences from further afield,” he says.

Dewell says Goodwood presented a challenge due to the wide range of products it offers, as well as help to push the Talent Sport software beyond ticketing and into the field of data.

As well as being used as a commerce platform for tickets, travel and accommodation, the system will also tailor the website experience depending on the customer and how they have previously used the site.

“Goodwood has such a diverse range of products and services, unlocking the value of customer data will help it engage more closely with visitors to drive attendance and loyalty,” says Dewell.

The mobile push

For Goodwood, like many businesses, the increased use of mobile devices to browse websites and make purchases makes adopting a responsive website more important to ensure that customers can purchase tickets whenever and wherever they want.

Unlocking the value of customer data will help Goodwood Estate engage more closely with visitors to drive attendance and loyalty

Mark Dewell, Advanced Ticketing

“More and more people are browsing from a tablet or smartphone," says Hudson. "We’re seeing those numbers increase. So if they’re browsing, they’re also buying. It’s really important that we’re able to provide the ability to them to buy through a range of different devices.”

Mobile sales are constantly growing, and at the end of 2013 one-third of online sales were made through a mobile phone. Juniper predicts that this growth will continue, predicting that mobile retail will account for 30% of online sales by 2018.

“We should never be stopping our customers from doing something they want to do, we should never say no to them. If a customer wants to buy tickets on their smartphone, then they should be able to do that,” says Hudson.

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