Foreign Office agile crisis response IT system goes live

The Foreign Office’s new crisis response IT system, Crisis Hub, is now live.

The Foreign Office’s new crisis response IT system, Crisis Hub, is now live.

Foreign secretary, William Hague, has updated the House of Commons on the success of the new agile IT system which helps Britons who are affected by crisis while overseas.

The Crisis Hub allows British nationals to ask the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) for help. Britons can phone up the FCO crisis hotline, send a text message, complete an online form or speak to a member of the crisis team on the ground.

UK Foreign Office digital transition leader, Adam Bye, tweeted earlier today to say that Crisis Hub was  an agile project sourced through the g-cloud.

Hague told the commons that the new IT system had been used recently during the Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. "It was a highly effective part of the government response, giving our crisis teams around the world access to the same information," said Hague. The Crisis Hub replaced the old LOCATE IT system, which Hague said “no longer provided a platform suitable for the 21st Century."

"I therefore made a commitment that the FCO would introduce a new crisis IT system for British nationals affected by crises overseas. Our new Crisis IT system, the Crisis Hub, is now fully operational," he said.

Hague also advises British nationals to sign up for the FOC’s free country-specific travel advice alerts via email or social media which will provide updates in times of crisis.

"Continuous improvement will remain at the heart of the culture of the FCO’s Crisis Management Department, driven by a thorough and objective assessment after each crisis of lessons learnt and areas for improvement," said Hague.

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