UK IT professionals feel they are failing to reach full potential

Ramstad Technologies report finds 44% of the UK’s IT staff do not feel they have reached their full potential

The UK’s IT professionals are not prepared to rest on their laurels as more than two fifths admit feeling they have more to give in their career to reach their full potential, a survey has found.

A report from recruiter Randstad Technologies found that 44% of the UK’s IT staff do not feel they have reached their full potential, despite the IT sector having the highest level of professional fulfilment compared with other sectors.

Of those surveyed, 73% of IT workers said they are professionally fulfilled, whereas the national average is only 62%.

Mike Beresford, managing director of Randstad Technologies, said: “Positive signals for the UK economy seem to be appearing every week, which is fantastic news if we’re to achieve a sustainable recovery.

“What is even more encouraging, though, is that despite being the most professionally fulfilled sector in the UK, those working in the sector have the ambition to advance even further. It is an exciting time for the technology sector in the UK and the dynamism of the industry is reflected in the goals of the staff who are driving it forward.”

The survey also revealed that more than a third (38%) of British IT professionals believe a person’s characteristics are the most important influence on achieving potential. Over two fifths (43%) said determination is the most important personal characteristic, while 39% said adaptability and 39% said a strong work ethic.

Beresford said the characteristics seen as key to achieving your potential in the IT industry strongly reflect the sector itself: “Technology can advance at a rapid pace and as a result adaptability is of paramount importance. As is the ability to work smart – ground-breaking achievements in the technology world don’t happen by accident. There is always someone working to stay one step ahead.

“It is vital that anyone who hopes to achieve more in their professional life understands what will help them do so and what may provide a barrier. And who better to glean this advice from than those who understand what fulfilment and success means to them and how they can continue to achieve it in the future.”

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