Retailers fail to engage customers with lack of in-store tech

Infosys study finds most customers who see digital channels will engage with brands but most stores do not have the technology

Customers who see digital channels in-store are likely to engage, but most stores are not implementing the technology.

Only 7% of consumers have seen trolleys with digital screens, but of that figure 81% use them. Additionally, 14% of consumers have seen price comparison apps on their smartphone, and of those 85% use them.

The European State of the Store study from Infosys states that consumers are more likely to buy on impulse in-store (68%) than online (6%).

The study of 2,250 consumers and 75 major retailers in the UK, France and Germany in August 2013 stated consumers don’t want to interact with brands through digital channels. Fewer than 30% engage with retailer’s Facebook pages, Twitter profiles, websites or news feeds.

These statistics may show a need for retailers to concentrate technology efforts on the shop floor than in the online space.

“Today, major retail chains need to create an ‘ideal store’ experience which meets the needs of local shoppers in each and every store.  This requires new forms of close collaboration between retailers and FMCG suppliers to get the tills ringing,” said Karmesh Vaswani, vice-president and head of European retail, consumer goods and logistics at Infosys.

The study also claimed 71% of British shoppers regularly find items out of stock, which leads to revenue loss for the retailer, as 39% of shoppers would then go to another store or delay their purchase.

The study calls for retailers to collaborate with their fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) suppliers to ensure the correct amount of stock in-store by sharing real-time consumer trends.

Only 16% of retailers share customer data daily. 71% share basic shelf data, but only half of retailers share point-of-share data with suppliers, and only 38% are willing to provide shopper behaviour data.

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