Companies more comfortable with ‘choose your own device’

The buzzword may be BYOD, but while businesses want to offer choice, they are looking for comfort too

UK firms are embracing ‘choose your own device’ (CYOD) strategies at double the rate of bring your own device (BYOD), according to a new study.

The research conducted by Shape the Future – on behalf of Azzurri Communications – showed that ‘token’ adoption of BYOD, where less than 10% of employees were allowed to connect their devices to the corporate network, had risen from 43% to 58% in the last year.

But, despite the buzz around BYOD, just 17% of the companies it interviewed were introducing a full BYOD policy for their companies where 75% or more of employees would be involved.

When it came to CYOD, however, 31% of businesses had brought in the policy as they were more at home with employees choosing a device from a list of corporately approved hardware, rather than bringing one in from home.

These figures translated to a 6% rise for BYOD adoption and a 12% growth for CYOD.

“Despite all the puff and promise of BYOD, the evidence shows that adoption is far lower than the hype would lead us to believe,” said Rufus Grig, CTO at Azzurri.

“BYOD promises the world, but in reality most organisations are left paralysed and confused by what BYOD can really offer, so in the end they stick to what they know and avoid large-scale, companywide BYOD deployments."

Even those who were yet to embrace either philosophy were far more positive about CYOD, with just shy of 60% of organisations saying CYOD was the preferred option, compared to 27% saying don’t bring your own device and 13% backing BYOD.

“CYOD is… the best of both worlds; a controlled network environment that still offers employees the benefit of a single work or home device of their choice,” added Grig. “CYOD is also less of a cultural leap for the organisation, since maintaining ownership of the contract is much closer to the status quo of corporate provision.”

“So aside from the security and monetary risks, BYOD is often a leap too far for many. It is only natural that they prefer to stick to what they know.”

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