Startup Europe launches plan to grow technology sector

The Startup Europe Leaders Club has produced a plan to drive internet economy growth across Europe

The Startup Europe Leaders Club has produced a 22-point plan with recommendations to drive internet economy growth across Europe and support entrepreneurship.

The document touches on themes of skills and education, access to talent, access to capital, data, policy, protection and privacy, as well as thought leadership.

The report stresses the importance of closing the skills gap in Europe but says companies need to be able to easily hire from outside their home countries. Additionally, the report touches on the "brain drain" which has led bright minds to leave their countries for the US to succeed.

It calls on the European Commission (EC) to provide children access to “proper ICT training” from competent teachers who can inspire a passion for entrepreneurship from a young age. It also suggests university students should be encouraged to start a business before they graduate.

According to the plan, large corporations should provide training to the general public who wish to learn management and communications skills. The manifesto states: “Companies can help much more effectively than government because they own the environment in which people learn how to manage by doing.”

The Startup Europe Leaders Club also wants to appoint a chief digital officer for every country in the European Union (EU).

Written by a group of serial entrepreneurs – including Joanna Shields, CEO of Tech City; Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten, creator of The Next Web; and Daniel Ek, founder of Spotify – the manifesto provides a list of issues for discussion in forthcoming policy meetings, such as the European Council on 24 and 25 October 2013 in Brussels.

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