CIOs and CMOs are disconnected

CIOs and CMOs are collaborating inadequately and putting marketing strategies at risk according to research by Accenture

Chief information officers (CIOs) and chief marketing officers (CMOs) are collaborating inadequately and putting marketing strategies at risk, according to research by Accenture.

CIOs are increasingly sharing IT budgets with CMOs as customers interact with businesses online, but there are major differences of opinion between the two groups.

According to 90% of senior marketing and IT executives surveyed by Accenture collaboration between CIOs and CMOs is not at the level it should be.

The survey also revealed that it is CIOs that are more open to closer working relationships, with 77% believing CIO and CMO alignment is important compared with only 57% of CMOs. But only 45% of CIOs put supporting marketing as a top priority.

CIOs believe the main reason to work with CMOs is to improve customer experiences while CMOs see the most important reason to work with CIOs as gaining customer insights.

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“The CMO and CIO continue to work in silos but, now more than ever, bridging the gap between those two organisations is critical for success. 

"With today’s multichannel consumer seeking highly relevant experiences and with digital and analytics platforms emerging to help companies respond, marketing and IT executives must work more closely together,” said Brian Whipple, global managing director of Accenture Interactive.

According to the survey, 36% of CMOs find that IT deliverables fall short of what is required and 46% of CIOs claim marketing does not provide an adequate level of detail to meet business requirements. 

“C-suite decision-makers face a variety of challenges when collaborating, ranging from a lack of trust to differing business goals,” said Whipple. "These issues must be resolved to turn a company’s digital marketing capabilities into a platform for market differentiation, business growth, and profitability 

“The good news is that CMOs and CIOs agree technology is important. Now they must work together to agree on how technology can be most appropriately applied to drive their company’s specific marketing needs and how it can ultimately result in increased brand affinity, loyalty and sales growth.”

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