Trend Micro joins Interpol fight against cyber crime

Security firm Trend Micro has signed up to help support Interpol’s global law enforcement programmes against cyber crime

Security firm Trend Micro has signed up to help support Interpol’s global law enforcement programmes against cyber crime. 

The announcement is the latest in the international police organisation’s efforts to boost the global fight against cybercrime by engaging with private sector leaders.

A similar announcement was made about collaboration with security firm Kaspersky Lab in March.

Specifically, Trend Micro will deliver training programmes to Interpol, government and/or police organisations in participating countries, and companies that manage basic infrastructure.

The training will be aimed at sharing threat mitigation expertise and best practices to address emerging digital crime at national and international level.

Training will include e-learning modules, classroom-based training sessions, workshops and/or professional certifications.

"Our team is on the front line of the quickly evolving threat landscape, and we look forward to sharing our analysis and insight to support global law enforcement,” said Eva Chen, CEO at Trend Micro.

“Alignment between public and private organisations will play a critical role against cyber crime, and it will take collaboration such as this to be successful,” she said.

Trend Micro will also help support the development of an Interpol cyber alert by providing expert cyber threat analysis at Interpol’s Global Complex for Innovation (IGCI) when it opens in Singapore in 2014.

This cyber-specific alert, created by the IGCI, will be used to share information on cyber crime with the general public and the law enforcement community.

“Due to the complexity of the cyber threat landscape, investigation of cyber crimes is profoundly different in nature to traditional crime, requiring high-level technical expertise and large-scale cross-jurisdictional investigations,” said Ronald Noble, Interpol secretary-general.

“It is essential that law enforcement collaborates across sectors with internet security experts such as Trend Micro so as to develop the technical expertise, tools and infrastructure necessary to effectively combat cyber crime and enhance digital security,” he said.

Interpol’s collaboration with Trend Micro marks another significant step towards forging a global alliance against cyber crime, said Noble.

The IGCI will act as an international hub against cyber threats to identify trends, build capacity in cyber crime units, and facilitate international co-operation through a multi-stakeholder alliance.

The IGCI will bring together the respective expertise and resources from specialists in law enforcement, public institutions, the private sector and academia.

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