Tech firm ditches Rackspace hosting service for ‘lack of support’

Cloud sales service company Price & Quote has ditched IT hosting provider Rackspace due to “lack of support and unresponsiveness”

A cloud sales service company, Price & Quote, has ditched its IT hosting provider, Rackspace, because of “lack of support and unresponsiveness”.

It was hard to get the level of support that Price & Quote needed, according to Seamus Devine, co-founder and managing director of Price & Quote, which opted for Rackspace’s service in September 2012.

“The issue was that Rackspace was too big for us. We weren’t getting the one-to-one service that a startup such as ourselves needed,” said Devine.

Price & Quote provides cloud-based sales engine software to its customers. The nature of the business means that a fast and reliable IT service is critical to its business, according to Devine.

“As a new business, it was crucial to support our goal by working with an IT provider that could deliver high levels of support and offer the expertise and guidance on the services we needed to build a successful business,” Devine said.

“Rackspace lacked that understanding. The slow response time we were experiencing was costing us time and money,” he added.

The company then started looking at other service providers, but was concerned that it might experience the same level of lowered service. 

IT security was high on the company’s wish list from a service provider. “As a new company with a small IT team, we simply cannot afford to experience any downtime or be vulnerable to possible attacks,” Devine said.

The company switched to another hosting provider, ServerSpace, last month. ServerSpace is hosting the company’s software environment, development environment, backup and DDoS security.

“Issues such as security and backup should be dealt with in the first instance. Protecting organisations from cyber attacks, such as DDoS, is vital for businesses,” said Tim Pat Dufficy, managing director of ServerSpace.

By switching to fully managed services, Price & Quote has saved costs, Devine said.

Rackspace provides IT hosting, managed services and cloud services to customers including Transport for London, Virgin Trains, the MoD, Domino’s Pizza and Go Compare, among others. 

Update – 21 July 2013

Rackspace initially declined to comment but has subsequently provided further information.

Its spokesperson said: “Providing Fanatical Support is fundamental to our business, and we have hundreds of thousands of customers around the world - of all shapes and sizes, including SMEs and startups.

“The customer was initially on a managed account and downgraded to core cloud as they indicated that they didn’t need technical support.”

Rackspace Managed Cloud customers have access to technical support and application-level support, in addition to cloud infrastructure support. Managed Cloud also offers additional monitoring capabilities. Meanwhile, Rackspace Core Cloud offers access to its full range of open cloud products but the level of support provided relates to troubleshooting and management of users' Rackspace cloud infrastructure only.

“Price and Quote asked that we downgrade their service based on the need to reduce their costs rather than any performance issues,” the spokesperson added.

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Nice attempt at negative SEO, I don't believe for a second you had a bad experience with Rackspace. You get a dedicated account manager and premium support as a Managed Cloud customer. They will help you with literally ANYTHING!


Perfect statement Mat!

Pretty sure this army of awesomeness would have done ANYTHING to help them

I'm not sure if they are saying they switched to managed service after leaving rackspace?

"By switching to fully managed
services, Price & Quote has saved costs, Devine said."


The "Rackspace was unavailable for comment" really ties all this BS together. Rackspace is always available for comment, you just didn't try. To be fair, computerweekly sucks and I don't think they have the funds to hire good journalists.


I don't buy the rationale laid out in this article for a second. I also don't believe that the author EVER reached out to Rackspace for a comment. Reading between the lines of what Mr. Devine said, price was their primary motivating factor. I wouldn't be surprised to find that Mr. Devine demanded some sort of unrealistic, unreasonable price point, and when was unable to get it, bailed and chose to slander Rackspace in the press out of petulance.


So you mean to say McDonald's was not having a french fries !!!! Can't believe this lie.........


See the comment above - we asked Rackspace to comment, they declined. Ed.


Rackspace is very expensive to host with. This 'fanatical support'
Promise is both their biggest problem and their best value.
You can't please everyone and it appears that way by this article


Yeah this article doesn't make any sense to me. I've had to call Rackspace probably 100 times over the last 6 months (manage nearly 2000 client sites) and someone nearly always picks up the phone and answers. There were only maybe 2-3 times that I got the message that all the Rackers were busy but even then I only had to wait about 1-2 minutes. They are freaking awesome at support!!!

Rackspace is horrible. Avoid at all costs. Maybe they were good in 2013 but no longer. Waste of time and money.