David Cameron pledges UK collaboration with India to fight cyber attacks

Prime Minister David Cameron will use his visit to Delhi to promise greater collaboration with India in fighting cyber attacks

Prime Minister David Cameron is set to promise greater collaboration with India in fighting cyber attacks, during his visit to Delhi.

David Cameron said it is in the national interest for the UK to share its expertise in dealing with cyber attacks, particularly in the light of the substantial amount of UK data stored on databases in India.

The NHS is among the UK public bodies that send data to India, regularly sending databases of information that include names, addresses, NHS numbers and health notes, according to the Telegraph.

Both countries will benefit from sharing information about planned cyber attacks by criminals, terrorists or hostile countries.

India will be Britain’s “trusted partner” over cyber crime and security, amid growing threats from international criminals and states such as China, said Cameron.

The UK is able to share its work in bringing together a strategy to help protect key industries, key infrastructure and key capabilities in terms of cyber security, Cameron said.

The prime minister is also expected to announce police training exchanges and more research into cyber security, which could open opportunities for UK security firms, according to the BBC.

Cameron will announce a joint task force to share information, when he meets Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in Delhi.

The cyber co-operation will also include regular meetings between leaders in cyber security research in academic institutions and industry.

Earlier this month, the UK National Audit Office (NAO) UK National Audit Office (NAO) issued a report detailing the progress made in the UK cyber security strategy. The NAO report said the government’s cyber security strategy was already beginning to deliver benefits despite still being in its early stages.

The UK Cyber Security Strategy, published in November 2011, set out how the government planned to deliver the National Cyber Security Programme until 2015.

To support this programme, the government committed £650m in additional funding. But collaboration with business and citizens and addressing the shortage of cyber skills remain crucial to success, the NAO report warned.

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