Raspberry Pi founder Eben Upton calls for open technology

Raspberry Pi co-founder Eben Upton calls on students and engineers to make technology more open and accessible to fill the skills gap

Raspberry Pi Foundation co-founder Eben Upton has called on students and engineers to take responsibility for creating more open technology.

Eben Upton painted the picture of a world where technology is accessible for all and highlighted the need for cheap, open, low-power and even disposable hardware platforms in the education sector.

Upton made his speech at the Institution of Engineering (IET) recently, in Savoy Place, where the IET Young Professionals’ Event was taking place. The IET Young Professionals’ Event aims to inspire a new generation of innovators.

“The current skills gap threatens to undermine the future of technology and innovation in the UK,” said Upton.

“We are at risk of creating a world where technology is closed off to most young people. The Raspberry Pi Foundation aims to break this paradigm and create a society where owning a computer that is truly open is normal for children everywhere.”

Alan Berry from the IET said the Raspberry Pi runs open source software that is freely available and has led to many new innovations in technology and business.

“The IET recognises the Raspberry Pi device as a perfect example of UK innovation at its best and is currently investigating ways in which the IET can help to promote greater understanding of computer science in schools,” he added. 

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