CertiVox enables Outlook encryption

Security firm CertiVox has launched PrivateSky for Outlook that enables users to encrypt messages and large files up to 5GB

Security firm CertiVox has launched PrivateSky for Outlook that enables users to encrypt messages and large files up to 5GB.

The security software adds a single button to the sender’s Outlook email console to enable them to send and receive encrypted messages with a single click using a PIN code, not a user name and password.

PrivateSky’s ability to secure and send larger files than Outlook addresses the risk of employees resorting to insecure file transfer methods because of the size limitations of Exchange.

Unlike previous email encryption systems, recipients do not have to be previously enrolled, however it does require an HTML5 browser or the installation of a plug-in for Internet Explorer (IE).

Clicking on the received message is all that is required to decrypt and view the message, but all the data remains encrypted until the recipient verifies their identity.

Encryption key management

Key management and administration associated with conventional encryption technologies is handled in the cloud by CertiVox. But because the encryption and decryption happens on the endpoint, all data is encrypted end-to-end and confidentiality is guaranteed.

The encryption key is generated using the user-specified PIN and email address. Hald of the encryption key is stored securely in the browser, which means it is never accessible to the service provider.

Being identity-based, the system avoids the need for a public key to be stored on a central server and the need for pre-enrolment. There are no certificates and key-management is automatic.

“CertiVox’s technology gives Outlook users a level of security they have not had access to before, which is particularly useful for highly-regulated industry sectors such as finance, legal and healthcare,” said Brian Spector, CEO of CertiVox.

PrivateSky is built on CertiVox’s SkyPin and SkyKey services, which enable developers to build strong, two-factor, PIN-based authentication capability into new software and devices.

The service is available through a freemium model through the PrivateSky website, resellers, distributors and cloud service providers to government, business and individual users, where there is a fee only for the professional version that allows attachments.

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