Debenhams halves email storage with archive tool

Debenhams has halved its email storage with an archive management tool from supplier Quest

Debenhams has cut its email storage in half by implementing an archiving system.

The retailer was running out of disk space on its Exchange servers as the company was seeing 13.8 million emails per month across its 8,000 mailbox users. Email traffic was estimated to be growing 20% year-on-year.

Consequently Debenhams opted for software company Quest’s archive manager tool.

Since the migration, Archive Manager’s file compression capabilities have reduced the storage requirements at Debenhams by 49%.

Chris Lacey, IT support manager at Debenhams, said email storage is now easier to manage, but added there were some side effects to the new system: “The minute archiving is in, the minute the user base stops house-keeping. So it’s led to much smaller files, but more of them.”

Lacey said the company is also trialling cloud email for its international expansion plans. “We are looking at a cloud solution for greater flexibility in our international options, such as Office 365.”

However, he added that the company would maintain the Quest products in the core of its business.  

“We are also marching down the Netapp route and moving away from Novell filer systems,” he added.

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