Institution of Engineering and Technology offers £1m funding to bright sparks

The Institution of Engineering and Technology is offering extra funding to engineering students who achieve three 'A' grade A-levels or more

Bright students wanting a future in engineering will from today see a new funding of £1m towards scholarships, courtesy of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).

Focusing on students applying for IET-accredited courses in Electrical, Electronic and Manufacturing Engineering, and Computing will receive £1,000 for each year of their degree if they have achieved three A grades at A-Level.

The initiative starts in 2013 and is called the Diamond Jubilee Scholarship. It promises a substantial boost to the current £150,000 per year for undergraduates and postgraduates available through the IET’s Ambition Awards.

The Ambition Awards are available to engineering students currently studying or about to commence an IET-accredited degree programme in the UK. Applicants have the opportunity to secure up to £3,000 a year to put towards their studies.

“Job prospects in these sectors continue to look strong, with companies continually seeking talented graduate engineers and scientists, as well as technicians and apprentices,” said Linda Deleay, awards and prizes manager at IET.

Deleay said the IET’s 2012 Skills and Demand in Industry Survey showed for the first time since the recession that companies are more confident in expanding their engineering workforce.

“As young people begin to realise the long-term investment they are making, the IET will assist in turning this investment into a worthwhile reality.”

More help for cash-strapped students

The IET is also urging greater clarification surrounding the money available to help students into higher education.

The IET’s call comes after 40% of 800 tweets on tuition fees were found to be people questioning the process and were asking their peers about the repayment process. Despite 47% of the tuition fee tweets being negative, only 2% enquired about extra funding or available scholarships.

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