Bang & Olufsen gets Office in the cloud

Sound system maker Bang & Olufsen is rolling out Microsoft Office 365 to 2,000 employees as it moves its email from Lotus Notes.

Sound system maker Bang & Olufsen is rolling out Microsoft Office 365 to its 2,000 employees as it moves email away from Lotus Notes.

The decision was taken when the company decided to upgrade its email system and the cloud was seen as lower cost and easy to integrate.

Ole Damsgaard, senior director of IT & shared service centre at Bang & Olufsen, said the company considered whether it should retain internal servers or move to the cloud: “We realised that we could save money by going to the cloud with Office 365.”

He said integration was straightforward and users had no problem switching to the new system.

“It was easy to integrate Office 365 into our existing work environment and for our employees to start using it right away because they already know tools like Outlook and other Microsoft products,” he said.

The company had issues with accessibility with its previous system. About 75% of employees work remotely but, Lotus Notes was only accessible to the 150 employees who had company-provided smartphones. The other 1,350 had no access when working remotely.

Compared with an internally hosted solution, Bang & Olufsen is saving 82% on IT operations by using Office 365 compared to the previous system.

Other firms recently making the move to Office 365 include Tata Steel and Daily Mail publisher A&N Media.

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