London Internet Exchange hit by suspected DDoS attack

The internet exchange for the majority of the UK’s ISPs has suffered an outage, which customers report to be down to a distributed denial of service attack

The London Internet Exchange (LINX) has been hit by a large scale outage that many observers are blaming on a possible distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack.

The non-profit exchange provides the majority of UK ISPs with a peering platform for their connections and the outage hit both the companies and their customers all in one go.

The LINX Network Community confirmed the outage on Twitter, despite the organisation’s press office being unable to provide Computer Weekly with a statement.

The tweet said LINX was “aware of issues on its network” and had “engineers currently working to rectify this,” but fell short of giving an explanation for the problem.

However, customers operating over LINX also took to the social network to explain their own experiences, with a number suggesting a DDoS attack was responsible.

Worthers Creative Media Solutions released a statement to its customers saying: “We are told [the outage] was due to a 200GB denial of service attack but are unsure of exact details at this point. The result of this was that 60% of traffic for about 40 minutes got lost to some of our servers and therefore may have affected some people accessing sites.

“Just to clarify, this wasn't an issue with the servers themselves or the datacentre but was more widespread and outside of our control.”

Voice over IP provider Orbtalk, internet telephony firm Voxhub, and telecoms company VoiceHost also reported being taken down by the outage. 

Others are also citing Juniper Networks’ PTX packet switches, which the LINX network is based on, which only went live earlier today. However, with no formal statement from the organisation, the exact cause remains open to speculation.  

At the time of publishing this article, the network community said the LINX local area network was now stable, but the huge number of services hit will take time to resume after the failure.

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