Wipro trains UK engineering graduates

Wipro will begin taking UK engineering graduates to India on its Indian Gateway internship training programme in September

Wipro will begin taking UK engineering graduates to India in September on its Indian Gateway internship training programme.

In July the Indian IT services giant will begin the selection process. The successful 20 candidates will head to India in the second week of September. 

Applicants need to have an engineering degree or be about to complete one and must be strong in mathematics.

The one-year training programme will involve a three-month technology induction course. This is followed by six months of on-the-job training with Wipro teams. 

Students will then spend three months working on real-life projects.

Indian IT companies are often criticised because their business model means UK IT workers are replaced by lower-cost workers from India. 

But as Indian IT services companies establish more operations in the UK and other European countries, they increasingly require local talent.

Wipro chairman Azim Premji offered to take UK students to India for 12 months to be trained up in software, IT and engineering. 

Premji told the Telegraph in January, at the World Economic forum in Davos, that the idea emerged when he met Prime Minister David Cameron in India in 2010. 

Premji told the Telegraph that he and Cameron had talked about education, and in particular the shortcomings of IT and engineering.

Fellow Indian IT services supplier HCL also used the Davos event to announce a plan to offer training to UK students. HCL is working with 12 universities to offer courses. It will provide workshops on technology and management, as well as competitions to drive innovation.

Meanwhile Infosys is to offer over 100 UK apprenticeship places through a programme set up in conjunction the National Apprenticeship Scheme (NAS) over the next five years. Infosys signed a deed of commitment to provide apprenticeships in marketing and human resources.

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