HP CEO Meg Whitman bets on cloud, security and big data

HP's strategy is focused on cloud computing, information security and information optimisation, says Meg Whitman, president and CEO at HP

HP's strategy is focused on cloud computing, information security and information optimisation, according to Meg Whitman, president and chief executive at HP.

In the light of the biggest challenges facing CIOs, CFOs and CEOs, HP is aiming to do these three things very well, Meg Whitman told delegates at HP's Software Universe and Customer Forum in London.

Declaring that, in the first eight months at the helm, she has "fallen in love with HP", Whitman said the company had impressed her with its skilled people and intellectual property.

But in analysing the opportunities and challenges to formulate a strategy, it was clear that "everything has got to start with the customer," she said.

Whitman said she plans to create the capacity to invest in quality as well as customer service.

HP is in a good position to help businesses with the challenges they are facing, she said.

HP is a good partner, it is in the company's DNA, its core values are around partnering, said Whitman.

"We are also the only company to span enterprise data creation, storage, analysis and protection," she said, highlighting HP's PC, server storage, networking, software and services businesses.

But the top three corporate bets, said Whitman, are cloud, security and information optimisation.

"We believe cloud is about choice," she said. To enable this, HP's cloud services and products are all based on open standards and common architecture to deliver a common experience across all cloud environments. Contrary to common perception, HP is a leader in cloud, said Whitman, pointing to 600 private cloud customer implementations.

Security is the biggest concerns for businesses transitioning to hybrid environments, but the threats are increasingly persistent, sophisticated and unpredictable. 

"We need a new approach that helps organisations to understand the context of security events across the enterprise to reduce exposure and improve compliance," she said.

With new technologies and computing devices being introduced into the enterprise all the time, "We are entering a whole new world of intelligence we can access," said Whitman. But much of the IT business is built on processing structured data, while HP recognises that the next generation of information is largely unstructured, and is focusing on enabling business to deal with that.

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