Network company Enterasys offers BYOD network management

Network company Enterasys is to provide network management for bring your own device (BYOD) deployments

Enterasys Networks today announced plans to provide network management for bring your own device (BYOD) deployments.

Named the Enterasys Mobile Identity and Access Manager (IAM), the appliance slots into the datacentre to manage any mobile device employees carry, whether brought in from home or provided by the business.

The Mobile IAM can then enforce policies to those devices – such as application or network access depending on device’s location or user profile – but also makes it easier to log onto the corporate network in one click, rather than navigating a slow VPN.

Chris Crowell, president and CEO at Enterasys, claimed that, despite BYOD’s rising profile, many IT departments were still nervous about implementing it.

“One of the barriers to adoption is the lack of confidence that IT can eliminate the potential risks of unauthorised access and security breaches,” he said.

Crowell said the system offers the functionality necessary to a secure BYOD deployment.

Enterasys claimed the system could cost as little as $8 per device, as the overall hardware appliance costs $23,995 and supports 3,000 users. However, it is also available as a virtual appliance, which a spokesman told Computer Weekly would drop the price to $20,995, or just under $7 per user.

Enterasys guarantees to get BYOD deployments up and running in 10 days.

The Mobile IAM can integrate with existing BYOD solutions by using Enterasys’ Mobile Device Management (MDM) tool. The company’s professional services can add features for custom user and device policies, guest access and policy-based routing.

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