Barclays customers shut out of online banking site

Barclays customers are hitting glitches accessing the firm's banking site and mobile app Pingit, after Barclays rolled out a new website

Barclays customers are experiencing problems accessing the firm's online banking site and mobile app Pingit, after Barclays rolled out a new website.  

A Barclays spokeswoman said 10% of customers are facing delays, as tens of thousands of people received salaries today and attempted to log on to access their details.

Barclays said the failure was due to the volume of people logging on, rather than a direct consequence of the site upgrade. However, the spokeswoman said the final pieces of the new website are being finalised which may have exacerbated the problem.

Customer took to Twitter to express their frustration. Mark Jeffs, a Barclays customer tweeted: “I'm with Barclays normally very good (can't get online today first time ever).”

Peter Gough tweeted: “Barclays website still limping. It is just ridiculous… I cannot even view a statement let alone make a payment!"

Barclays said it hoped the problem would be resolved later today (30 March 2012).

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Same problem here we've been trying to pay staff and our suppliers all day with no success - absolute joke. Staff have mortgages etc. to pay and not only can we not pay them but we can't get anyone on the phone to help either!


I tried to use their on-line site during the upgrade and it let me in!!! It was only when it ground to a halt on me that I realised there was a problem. Next day when I carried out a simple transfer of funds I found three issues straight away - poor validation checks, simplification of information resulting in a list of bank accounts not showing account number (three with the same name though!!!) and getting stuck in an endless loop when trying to send a complaint email (ironic). I phoned the call centre to complain and ask for assurances that security had not been compromised, I was kept on hold for 5 minutes and then told someone would call me back, and they never did. Perhaps if they spent less money on Bob Diamonds bonus and more on good IT people they might have done a better job.


Is anyone having trouble logging on today - April 13


hi if anyone can please tell me what dates this system was down a had probkems between 6/13 March 2012 missed vat payment due to this and ended up with fine that cant shake off from hmrc just need to prove barclys system was down then can get it sorted it i finaly got it payed by phone on 13th but fewdays late no knoch on if huge!! many thank john