NATO signs £39m BT deal

NATO has signed a €47m (£39m) deal with BT for a communications network

NATO has signed a €47m (£39m) deal with BT for a communications network.

The five-year deal with NATO’s Consultation, Command and Control Agency (NC3A), responsible for delivering technology in support of NATO’s global operations, will connect more than 70 locations.

The deal includes the migration of NATO’s existing backbone to BT Ethernet Connect. It also includes an Ethernet Connect E-LINE service, which provides protected bandwidth for mission-critical applications between sites.

Ethernet Connect will lay the foundation for a wide area network  in support of NATO’s global missions and decision-makers. BT will also supply the NC3A-organisation with the hardware to accomplish this.

“Information – and the ability to share it rapidly across a coalition – plays a paramount role in 21st century operations, as well as political decision-making. To underpin this we need a flexible, future-proof network," said Georges D’hollander, general manager at NC3A.

"BT has, over the years, developed an in-depth understanding of the specific challenges we face. Its BT Connect portfolio is particularly well designed to support our communications needs,” he added.

Photo courtesy of Global News Pointer on Flickr


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