Download Data Dynamics event presentations

Dynamic data is causing a tidal wave of change. Download the presentations from Information Excellence 2012-Spring Summit that focused on ‘Data Dynamics’.

Information Excellence 2012 Spring Summit, themed ‘Data Dynamics’, was held on February 25-26, 2012 at Wipro’s campus in Electronic City, Bengaluru. This summit was organized by the Information Excellence Group (a volunteer community) in collaboration with Computer Society of India (Bengaluru Chapter), DAMA International (Bengaluru Chapter), TDWI (India Chapter), and ISIM - Mysore.

Get the pictorial scoop of the dynamic discussions on data for Day 1 and Day 2.

K R Sanjiv, senior vice president, analytics and information management services at Wipro kicked off the summit with the Welcome Note. He posed interesting questions which the speakers would answer during the course of two days. His appealed to the BI professionals to ensure that BI impacts key performance indicators (KPIs) like top-line growth and customer satisfaction.

Given below are some of the important event presentations on dynamic data. Download them for future reference.

Soumendra Mohanty, Partner, Global Information Management Services Practice, Accenture
Mohanty believes that technology from being an IT asset into the hands of dynamic business users. He stressed on how this is for the best as the consumers are now evolving to prosumers and the business will have to stand and take notice. Yet, he adds, it is difficult to explain to C-execs as to what BI and good data can do for them, as the outcome is not always quantifiable. During the Q&A, a participant asked if it was possible to predict the recent US sub-prime crisis and Mohanty replied that BI models in place are good but lacked real time interventions from government and financial institutions.

Vijaya P H Deepti, Vice President and Head of Global Delivery (Insurance), TCS
Deepti shared her experience on ‘Innovation with Data Agility in Insurance’. With different sources of customer information available, companies should relate to their customers on one-to-one basis to gain competitive advantage. Deepti went on to provide illustration on futuristic use cases of BI and dynamic data in the insurance industry. She lastly added that these use cases are a close to being converted to reality.

Ashish Vikram, VP User Data & Analytics at Yahoo!
Vikram spoke on how Yahoo! is using an experiment management system to improvise user experience on Yahoo! sites. An example he provided was as simple as how increasing the width of the search bar can result in increased number of searches. Vikram went on to project the bucket testing method using advanced analytics to improve user experience online.

Aditya Yadav, Head of ATS/R&D, and Soundararajan Velu, Sungard
The professionals from Sungard, Yadav and Velu, shared their experience of implementing real time Hadoop analytics with Raptor for their investment banking clients. The main mountain to climb was to suffice the real time BI needs that dynamic organizations in this industry face. However, they said that given the architecture of Hadoop, the data latency needed work and using Raptor and bucketing the data at the time of storage as viable options. He spoke about the future plans of open sourcing such technology.

Anindya Ghosh, Wipro
Ghosh started his insightful presentation with the motto: Analytics is not just about platform or technology; rather it is a mindset. He went on to provide comprehensive and practical steps on developing an analytical culture in the organization.

Prof. Jayant Haritsa, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru
Prof. Haritsa gave an artistic turn to the execution plan for databases with the Java based software ‘Picasso’. It generates a dynamic three dimensional diagram of the plan, cost, and card. Along with the presentation the source code is available here.

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