German hosting group deploys Fusion-io server flash

Storage roundup: German hosting group deploys Fusion-io server flash; Open University opts for Dot Hill; Jaguar Land Rover deploys Isilon; war museum gets Spectra Logic tape library; and more news.

German hosting group deploys Fusion-io server flash

Germany-based managed services group Host Europe has implemented Fusion-io server flash storage in a move that allowed it to operate virtualised databases that traditional storage couldn’t cope with.

The particular pain point that caused Host Europe to look at server flash was a customer running multiple virtualised databases to support an online gaming network. The customer had been scaling performance by continually adding servers, but the system’s performance capabilities were reaching its limit, especially as a result of unpredictable I/O profiles.

The company evaluated its options and eventually opted to place all application and database servers in a reduced number of physical servers, going from 60 boxes to 24 with a 160 GB Fusion-io ioDrive server flash card in each.

Thomas Ebbers, head of product management for Host Europe, said, “The ioDrives provide consistently high performance for the workloads of massively parallel-managed virtual machines. We don’t have to worry anymore about load spikes that might cause servers to crash or interrupt application service.”

Ebbers said the Fusion-powered server flash system supports two to five times the workload of the previous system.

Open University opts for Dot Hill

The Open University’s Knowledge Media Institute (KMi) has selected Dot Hill Systems’ SAN hardware in an upgrade to the institution’s storage infrastructure. Dot Hill partner NCE recommended the Dot Hill AssuredSAN 3720 8 Gbps Fibre Channel networked RAID array with 2.5-inch drives.

The ability to mix drive types, including SAS, SATA and SSD, within the Dot Hill storage arrays was an attractive option, said Paul Alexander, systems and development manager at KMi.

“Very often we have HPC requirements where high-performance 2.5-inch SAS drives running over our Fibre Channel SAN deliver the performance we need, but most research projects have a three-year active life and a five-year data archive requirement, so it makes more sense to utilise lower-cost, bulk SATA storage,” he said.

Jaguar Land Rover deploys Isilon scale-out NAS

Carmaker Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has deployed EMC Isilon scale-out NAS to support simulation and analysis. In 2010 the company undertook a project to decrease reliance on physical testing and increase its simulation operations and needed new storage equipment to support this.

The company deployed 54 nodes in a cluster of Isilon X-Series devices for simulation purposes and a separate Isilon NL-Series cluster for disaster recovery and backup, with Isilon SyncIQ software providing asynchronous data replication between the two clusters.

War museum gets Spectra Logic tape

The Imperial War Museum has deployed a Spectra Logic T950 tape library at its Duxford site. The hardware will be used to archive material as the museum’s cataloguing and digitalisation efforts gather pace. IWM creates around 5 TB of new data every year. The T950 provides 1 PB of storage and is connected to IWM’s London data centre site, with data mirrored between the two.

UK more confident on disaster recovery, says Acronis

UK businesses are on average 17% more confident in their backup and disaster recovery capabilities than they were a year ago. That’s a key finding of the 2012 Acronis Global Disaster Recovery (DR) Index. Key to this rise are perceived improvements in having the right resources, technologies and procedures in place, said Acronis. The survey also found that 65% of businesses in the UK are checking their backup and disaster recovery plans more regularly.

New online DR service from KeepItSafe

Ireland-based managed services provider KeepItSafe has launched KeepItSafe DR, an enterprise-class online backup and disaster recovery solution. The service comprises a fully managed solution offering online data backup with edge off-site and on-site data deduplication, consistency checks on applications to ensure they’re recoverable, block-level snapshots with incremental-forever data capture, and flexible disaster recovery options including bare metal restore and virtual machine failover.

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