Indian IT giant to create thousands of European jobs

Indian IT services firm HCL Technologies aims to create 10,000 jobs in the US and Europe over the next five years

Indian IT services firm HCL Technologies is aiming to create 10,000 jobs in the US and Europe over five years, establishing regional centres with recruitment and training programmes to support them.

Early pilots of HCL’s Global Centres of Excellence (GCoE) in Dublin, Helsinki and Krakow in Europe and Seattle and Cary North in the US are being run.

“Clearly, the need of the hour is growth and employment and we believe that this initiative will create unique business value for HCL while generating sustainable employment in local economies for years to come. It will need significant collaboration of all stakeholders, however we do believe that it can be done and we are committed to backing this program with all our resources and best intent,” said Vineet Nayar, CEO at HCL.  

HCL will be working with 12 universities to offer courses. It will provide workshops on technology and management, and competitions to drive innovation.

Indian IT companies are often criticised because their business model often means UK IT workers are subsequently replaced by lower cost workers from India. But as these Indian companies become true global players, they are establishing more operations in the UK and other European states.

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