VMware unveils new DevOps strategy and cloud infrastructure suite

VMware announces DevOps strategy and cloud suite to audience at VMworld Europe 2011.

European customers got a first-hand glimpse of VMware’s new cloud infrastructure suite, which the company unveiled, at VMworld Europe 2011.

Steve Herrod, VMware’s CTO, kicked off the show at the Bella Center in Copenhagen, Denmark, 18-20 October, and introduced VMware’s new product suite. In his keynote, Herrod highlighted VMware’s new DevOps strategy, which aims to bridge the gap between development projects and operations teams. The strategy includes three main areas of vSphere 5.0: vCenter Operations, vFabric Application Management Suite 1.0, and an IT Business Management Suite.

DevOps strives to bring cohesion to application/service development, testing, deployment, scaling and monitoring and to ensure software quality, security, availability, reliability and performance. “Traditionally the development team is concerned with bugs, updates and infrastructure, whereas operations are concerned with troubleshooting and user experiences,” Herrod said in his keynote.

VCenter Operations

The vCenter Operation layer of this suite focuses on the environment’s health, risk and efficiency, which Herrod said gives a converged view of configurations to the operations team. In what he referred to as CloudOps, this layer indicates to IT managers which areas need to be improved: for example in performance or capacity. This layer includes vCenter Management Tools and vCenter Configuration Manager.

VOperations enables the storage administrator to make the right capacity planning decisions whilst the environment is live, said Fredrik Sjostedt, director of EMEA product marketing at VMware.

“Questions such as, ‘Am I about to run into a problem with a drive? Am I going to run out of CPU cycles, and in how many days?’” can be addressed, Sjostedt explained.

VOperations will be shipped on a per-VM basis.

VFabric Application Management Suite 1.0

As envisioned by DevOps,VMware’s vFabric Application Suite brings together development and operation teams. This layer includes Radware Inc.’s AppDirector, which shows the user a blueprint of the application, within the virtual machine they are working on, and Drupal’s AppInsight which addresses performance and application issues.

Killian Murphy, director of product management Cloud Foundry, VMware’s Platform as a Service offering, gave SearchVirtualDataCentre.co.UK the example of a marketing campaign that needs to be built and rolled out quickly.

“The idea is to give one person the skills to do the job of both development and operations. For instance, development can build the campaign, as a self-service without having to wait for the infrastructure from operations,” he said.

Murphy said that traditionally, there has been a wall between development and operations because operations are more manual than are development tasks.

“By giving one person the skill to do DevOps, this makes that person more agile when they see a window of opportunity to improve the business,” Murphy added.

vFabric will be shipped on a per VM basis.

VMware IT Business Management Suite

The vendor’s IT Business Management Suite targets CIOs and is designed to improve visibility, to restructure costs. This layer filters large amounts of information, so a CIO can identify areas of waste or make improvements in advance of a disaster. A CIO, for example, can filter IT spend by service or by infrastructure to identify areas for improvement.

Sjostedt said this layer enables a CIO to change the role of IT “from a cost centre to a profit centre.”

He added: “The CIO can see if too much resource is being spent in one department, or even if a department is hogging resources that it doesn’t need.”

IT Business Management Suite will be shipped on a per-user basis.

VMware reports strong Q3 results at show

During VMworld Europe, VMware reported its third-quarter results, showing a 32% increase over a year ago. The vendor reported $178 million earnings on revenue of $942 million.

Kayleigh Bateman is the UK managing editor of TechTarget International and a contributor to SearchVirtualDataCentre.co.UK.

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