Nexsan boosts its storage systems capacity

Nexsan Technologies has announced a 45% capacity increase in its line of SATA storage systems.

Nexsan Technologies has announced a 45% capacity increase in its line of SATA storage systems.

The company has implemented Seagate Technology’s new DB35 Series 750GB hard drives to its SATABeast, SATABoy and SATABlade products.  The increased capacity of Seagate’s drives enable total capacity of the SATABeast to grow from 21TB to 30.5TB in a 4U of rack space.

SATABoy increases its capacity to 10.5TB in 3U with the SATABlade now featuring 6TB in a 1U form factor. Each of Nexsan’s SATA solutions are designed to see use in enhancing digital storage applications, such as live online data, nearline storage, security, audio, disc-based backup and disaster recovery.

SATABeast is designed for primary and near-line storage, disc-to-disc backup, secondary storage and fixed content archive.

SATABoy has been made to meet the challenges of the most demanding computing environments such as live online data, fixed content, tiered storage, broadcast/VOD and other business-critical applications.

SATABlade is designed for businesses that require the benefits and performance of a scalable SATA solution in a high density, low profile form factor. SATABlade features individual drive independence within a 1U physical architecture that allows access to eight hot-swappable SATA drives and will see use in data-intensive primary storage requirements.

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