A Series of Tubes Episode 41

In this week's networking podcast, we learn why networks need to get smarter.

This week we're looking into the three things which are most likely to keep data and network centre managers awake at night - the headline above gives you a clue - and we'll also try and discover how we might realise the promise of information everywhere, which is going to require smarter networks at the very least.

In this week's podcast:

  • ZDNet Australia's Liam Tung disucsses the week's news headlines with host Ian Yates
  • Peter Spiteri from Emerson Network Power uses his roadmap to take us for a drive through the minefield of problems facing data and network centre managers
  • Amol Mitra from our sponsor ProCurve Networking by HP talks about the information driven business model and pushing intelligence out to the edge of your networks
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