New Management Tools from VMware Target CIOs

VMware has released a suite of new management tools with top level management now a focus.

With virtualisation now reaching market and operational maturity, it's no surprise that vendors are now looking more closely at systems management as way of ensuring clients get the most from their systems.

VMware has announced three new products for the management of virtualised environments. It's worth noting that there are parts of this product offering, particularly at the operational level, that aren't new. However, a new suite of management systems are targeted directly at the CIO.

VMware has separated its management tools into three suites focussing on Infrastructure, Applications and The Business of IT.

With Infrastructure, the new venter Operations Management Suite builds on the venter Operations product introduced in March 2011 and focusses on capacity and configuration management to ensure that your hardware investment is being used intelligently.

Applications are being looked after by the new vFabric Application Management Suite. This looks at application architecture across you virtualised environment and can automatically create an application topography that identifies application dependencies across virtual servers so that changes across virtual servers can be analysed for wider impact.

In June 2011, VMware acquired Digital Fuel and is using the technology purchased in that transaction to create the VMware IT Business Management Suite. This set of reporting and analysis tools is directly pitched at senior IT management who seek to get a better handle on costs, service levels and vendor management across their virtualised environment.

The costs of these new tools will vary depending on what tools you have already purchased from VMware and are likely to be charged on a per virtual server basis. According to local VMware representatives costs will start at about $50USD per virtual server.

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