Free VoIP assessment for SMBs

NEC is offering SMBs a free VoIP readiness assessment, as an incentive for SMBs to adopt VoIP systems.

NEC is offering small and medium businesses (SMBs) a free IP telephony readiness assessment, which will inform businesses of the state of their network infrastructure and its ability to support a converged IPT environment.

The offer is designed as an incentive for SMBs to adopt VoIP systems.

According to Alex Gatiragas, manager of product development, NEC Australia, the review will allow SMBs to eliminate their network as the source of any problems in preparation for a VoIP system.

"Many SMBs are reluctant to take the first step as it not only requires a financial investment but can also create potential headaches when switching from their existing voice and data office network to a new system," said Gatiragas.

The evaluation aims to:

  • identify problem spots in the network prior to deployment
  • prevent unnecessary network upgrades
  • make pilot deployments more effective
  • measure overall call quality without impacting users

Businesses interested in the assessment can visit or call 131 632.

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