Vendors join consumers and media in iPhone 3G frenzy

Software and hardware vendors have leapt aboard the iPhone 3G bandwagon, looking to capitalise as quickly as possible on the new device’s popularity.

The iPhone 3G launched in Australia today, capturing the attention of both consumers and the mainstream media.

But software and hardware vendors have also joined in, looking to capitalise as quickly as possible on the new device’s popularity.

Optus was the first carrier offering the phone, with its midnight launch. Both Optus and Vodafone – which had its own launch at 7am – made a fuss of the event, enlisting celebrity “personalities” to entertain crowds.

Telstra’s affair was more sedate, with the company eschewing celebrity presence and instead focusing on its Next G network.

“This is great news for thousands of Telstra customers, including many in regional and rural Australia, that have inundated us in recent weeks asking if we’ll be offering the iPhone 3G on the Next G network,” said Holly Kramer, group managing director of product management at Telstra.

The hard

Tomizone, supplier of Wi-Fi hotspots, is one hardware vendor looking to jump aboard the iPhone 3G train.

The company today launched an iPhone themed promotion, promising three months free access to its Wi-Fi hotspot network for iPhone 3G and iPod Touch users.

“Tomizone is supporting Apple’s innovation by making our Wi-Fi network available for free, and also encouraging more people to become Tomizone Hotspot owners,” Tomizone’s CEO, Steve Simms, explained.

Once the three-month free period is up, users of the iPhone and iPod Touch users will be able to choose from several paid options for the Wi-Fi service.

Tomizone hopes this will spur more businesses to investing in its Wi-Fi hotspot product.

The soft

With today’s iPhone 3G launch, Apple is readying 500 software applications to go live on its iPhone App Store.

While some of these apps will be games, the store will also feature productivity tools, perhaps indicating that Apple wants to get rid off the iPhone’s reputation as a consumer only device.’s and CRM applications will be available through the App Store, as will Oracle Business Indicators.

The Business Indicators application purports to “leverage the power of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Plus (OBIEE) and Oracle Business Intelligence Applications, Fusion Edition to provide access to key metrics and analytical data for mobile executives”.

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