Videoconferencing helps Rockpool restaurant reach Melbourne

Videoconferencing has helped chef Neil Perry extend his catering empire from Sydney to Melbourne.

Perry has utilised a high-speed data link from his Rockpool restaurant in Sydney in order to keep a close eye on the quality of offerings in his newly-opened Melbourne restaurant.

Primus Telecom is helping Perry to maintain the highest quality across his two restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne through a video-conferencing facility deployed over Primus' fibre-optic network.

Neil Perry and co-owner Trish Richards recently opened their new Rockpool restaurant in Melbourne's Crown Casino.

The Sydney Rockpool has been one of Australia's most outstanding dining establishments with a string of industry awards.

One of the challenges in establishing the Melbourne offshoot was to expand the business with premium facilities in two cities without any loss of quality or efficiency.

Primus Telecom was engaged to provide an integrated network that would handle each restaurant's total communications needs including providing real-time high-quality video.

"The Primus high-speed data link has proved to be a lifeline for me," Perry said.

"As I endeavour to run two quality establishments 1000 km apart, it has become a daily and essential part of my ability to quality control from a distance.

"This state-of-the-art facility enables me to run the business more efficiently than I ever thought possible," he said.

Video is streamed from both establishments to Perry, who is head chef, enabling food and serving quality to be checked, floor staff to be briefed, and management to be involved in real-time discussions.

Rockpool's need was for a total telephone and data network that would be cost effective, using a single carrier which could handle all of the organisation's communication needs.

Primus Telecom installed a new PABX and ISDN system to run high-speed data and internet connection to the Rockpool Restaurants in both Sydney and Melbourne to handle all their telephone, internet and video streaming needs. Samsung provided the telephony hardware for the project.

Primus worked with Rockpool to build the network to QoS standards that meet the specific requirements of their corporate and service environment. The business is now fitted with the necessary requirements for future transition to voice over internet protocol.

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