Hamilton Island upgrades its networks

If you are heading to Hamilton Island during the holiday season,  you'll find plenty of connectivity thanks to a recent WAN upgrade.

Visitors and employees of Hamilton Island in the Whitsundays are now benefiting from the quality, speed and reliability of Telstra’s high-speed networks and services as the result of a three-year contract to provide a business solution worth $US4.5 million.

The solution, which provides mobile, data and voice services, leverages the Telstra Next IP and Telstra Next G networks to seamlessly connect Hamilton Island Enterprises (HIE) with its Sydney office and Robert Oatley’s vineyard interests in Mudgee.

In addition, Telstra is supplying its managed voice solutions to provide a single point of contact for the end-to-end management and support of the organisation’s voice communications and infrastructure.

Hamilton Island CEO Glen Bourke said that Telstra was selected because of the impressive bandwidth capability the company was able to deliver to the island.

“Due to the geographical location of Hamilton Island, historically we have had problems with network reach, bandwidth and coverage,” Bourke said.

“Telstra was the only telecommunications provider that could fully meet our business requirements. Telstra’s sophisticated networks give us immediate and reliable communications access to locations both on and off the island.”

Bill Dunn, Telstra Country Wide Executive Director Northern Region, said, “The breadth and depth of coverage offered by the Telstra Next G and Next IP networks will help HIE ensure business continuity and effective and consistent operations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

“Remote locations such as Hamilton Island are often susceptible to network failures, which ultimately impact on productivity for local businesses. The reliability of Telstra’s networks will help ensure service continuity is maintained, particularly during the busy summer months when there is an influx of visitors to the island,” said Dunn.

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