Wembley City gets Sky at 100mbps

Velocity1 , the new-build property fibre network specialist, is to distribute Sky channels to some 254 residents...

Velocity1, the new-build property fibre network specialist, is to distribute Sky channels to some 254 residents in London's Wembley City served by its 100mbps fibre network.

Residents will also be able to use their Velocity1 connection to connect to the web and make voice calls.

Some 96% of residents have taken up the offer so far, and the property developers expect another 237 to take it up soon.

When Wembley City is finished, 12,000 will have access to the superfast network, a spokeswoman said.

The agreement with BSkyB includes 16 premium channels from the Sky Sports and Sky Movies portfolios as well Sky's 11 basic channels. These include Sky1, Sky Arts and Sky News. Sky Sports and Sky Movies come as a premium a la carte option, while Sky's basic channels are part of Velocity1's standard TV packages.

Velocity1 is a joint venture between property developer Quintain and fibre network supplier Industria. It is an "open access" fibre network that offers its own services as well as integrates those of national telecoms providers to give residents choice.

It is the first next-generation fibre network operator in the UK to offer Sky content through its core platform. This follows the launch of Sky content on the Industria's Magnet Communications network in Ireland.

Stephen Nuttall, director of Sky's commercial group, said the network was an attractive opportunity to extend new-build homes' access to Sky content.

Photo by Sonny Meddle/Rex Features

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