MPs to report on progress of London Olympics IT

MPs will be briefed on the progress of IT plans at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

MPs will be briefed on the progress of IT plans at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) announced staff will report on the current status of technology at the Games.

IT will play an important role at the event – especially IT security. Former home secretary David Blunkett warned this week that a cyber attack could cause devastating disruption to the event.

IT will underpin nearly all parts of the event. POST said, "Pressure is mounting to ensure that the ICT systems responsible for logistics, from ticketing to results, are completed and rigorously tested in time for the Games."

POST wants to provide MPs with an overview of Games IT, covering which organisations are responsible for delivering the technology, the status of plans, the technological implications of the security operation, and the possibility of a "cashless" Games and of integrated systems for ticketing, ID authentication and transport.

It will also look at the allocation of radio spectrum for Games use, and progress towards meeting deadlines to test technology before the Games.

The Games has a £9.3bn budget, which includes cash for information systems, telecommunications, and internet applications. Security for the Games, which has an estimated budget of £600m, will also draw heavily on technology.

The group hopes to publish its report in July.

Atos Origin has been in charge of integrating the IT systems at the Olympics for over a decade. Chief integrator Michelle Hyron has previously said that the IT project at the Games is on track.

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