Recession leads to flood of IT volunteers

Hundreds of IT volunteers have pledged to...

Hundreds of IT volunteers have pledged to help charities since the recession started, according to IT4Communities.

The organisation, which matches IT volunteers with charities that desperately need their specialist skills, says it has been flooded with people signing up since January.

Over 660 people have signed up so far this year, compared with 212 in the first three months of last year.

Charity officials say the boost is a real "upside" to the recession, with people who have been hit by redundancies signing up to help a good cause while keeping their skills up to date.

A spokesman for IT4Communities said, "People want to keep their skills up to date, and are looking to offer their skills to charities instead of their money.

"As soon as IT staff realise they can make a difference they sign up right away."

The charity is pleased that so many people are willing to give up their time.

"It is great to see the IT community so committed to giving something back to their local communities. In these cash-strapped times, sharing your time and talent with people who really need them is a great way to use and gain skills while working on worthwhile projects," the spokesman said.

To get involved, visit the IT4Communities website

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