Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee calls for action against cybercrime

World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee has called on world authorities to step up their efforts to fight cybercrime.

World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee has called on world authorities to step up their efforts to fight cybercrime.

Authorities should dedicate the same amount of effort to fighting cybercrime as conventional crime, Tim Berners-Lee said, according to The Sunday Telegraph newspaper.

According to IT security experts, cybercrime is now a profit-driven, multi-billion pound underground economy.

This industry mirrors the legitimate economy with division of labour, job specialisation, a global market and an efficient supply chain.

Berners-Lee said new steps are needed to protect internet users from malware, and suggested ISPs should cut off users with infected machines until they are cleaned up

Berners-Lee counts himself as a victim of online crime, having once purchased goods from a bogus online shopping site.

About a quarter of UK internet users have fallen prey to phishing scams to steal personal details and one in six has fallen victim to other types of online fraud.

The World Wide Web celebrates 20 years this month. It was in March 1989 that Berners-Lee unveiled the concept while working at Cern in Geneva.

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