Business IP phone growth shows strength of convergence

The popularity of converged networks demonstrated by thriving IP phone market

The popularity of  converged networks that carry both voice and data traffic has been demonstrated in research by In-Stat showing that by 31 million voice-centric business IP phones will have shipped by 2012.

Converged networks offer firms of all sizes great benefits in terms of streamlined network efficiency and reduced maintenance and operational costs as companies need only be acquainted with one, not many, network topologies.

The uptake of IP phones in the business sector is so pronounced  that among voice-centric IP phones, businesses will outpace consumers more than 10 to 1 according to the In-Stat report.

IP-based communications in general are rapidly replacing tradtional networks at a steady pace in the workplace, said In-Stat analyst Norm Bogen, but adoption is slow among consumers. "Within the business market, corded IP phones remain the standard, and will continue to dominate the enterprise IP phone market through 2012," says Norm Bogen. "However, WLAN and IP DECT phones continue to grow, especially within some specific vertical and geographical markets."

Cisco, Avaya, and Nortel are leading the market for enterprise IP phones. In-Stat also found that Wi-Fi integration in cellular phones is growing rapidly even if the majority of Wi-Fi/cellular phones are not designed for VoIP.

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