BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5 'Argon' out this summer, with over the air upgrades

BlackBerry RIM's forthcoming BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5, ‘Argon’, will be available in Q2 2009 with built-in high availability.

BlackBerry RIM today revealed new features of its forthcoming BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5, code named ‘Argon’, which will be available in Q2 2009, at an event in New York.

The platform will have high availability built-in, supporting depolyments of up to hundreds of thousands of smart phones.

It will also feature the new BlackBerry Administration Service, a web-based management console.

The Administation Service tool will allow IT managers to schedule tasks in advance, simplify policy manaagement, and use roles-based access, said Alan Panezic, VP of software product management at RIM.

BES 5 will also feature 'over the air' software upgrades. Panazik commented "[The] IT [department] should not to have to touch the end-user device", and over the air updates will help them to be more hands-off.

Panazik said that BlackBerry has been running and testing BES 5 for two years, and that it will be the "easiest" BES upgrade to date.

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