Bell rings mobile computing security changes

New technology designed to locate lost devices and then delete data in 180 seconds

The Security division of Bell Micro has signed a UK exclusive vendor partnership agreement with Virtuity to support sales of the BackStopp mobile computing software and service.

The result, says Bell , will be to deliver a new level of security for ‘at risk’ data on mobile devices. When a BackStopp protected device is reported lost or stolen by the owner, Virtuity is said to be able to locate the device and then delete all sensitive data on the device in 180 seconds.

Once the mobile computing security protocols have been activated, BackStopp generates a report of any data accessed, confirms the data it has deleted and then sends the report to the Virtuity hosting centre. The service will then render the laptop’s operating system completely useless. If a webcam is available on the host device it will send a command to photograph the unauthorised user.

“If the national press taught us just one thing last year, it would be the importance of securing data on the move,” commented Steve Browell, General Manager, Security Division at Bell Micro. “Protecting data and bringing in encryption for data at rest and in transit, whether on PDA or especially on laptops is a driving need in modern business.”

BackStopp is designed to complement firms’ anti-virus, personal firewall, encryption and remote access solutions. Offered as a 24/7 ‘cloud service’ BackStopp, says Bell , opens doors to ongoing support and customer engagement arrangements.


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