CES: Palm unveils mobile OS and smartphone

Palm has unveiled ...

Palm has unveiled a mobile web operating system and a smartphone to run on it at this week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The Palm webOS mobile platform and the new Palm Pre are designed to improve Palm's fortunes in the smartphone market.

Palm was previously the number one supplier in the smartphone market. It has now been surpassed by Nokia and BlackBerry maker RIM, among others.

The new Pre phone will be released on the Sprint US mobile network in the first half of 2009, said Palm.

Palm webOS has been developed exclusively for mobile use. "Palm webOS is the first mobile platform to automatically bring your information from the many places it resides - on your phone, at your work or on the web - into one simple, integrated view," said Palm.

Ed Colligan, Palm president and chief executive officer, said: "WebOS and Pre bring game-changing simplicity to an increasingly mobile world by dissolving the barriers that surround your information. It's technology that seems like it's thinking ahead to bring you what you care about most - your people, your time, and your information - in the easiest and most seamless way."

At its core, webOS uses several industry-standard technologies, including web technologies such as CSS, XHTML and JavaScript. On top of that, Palm has included creative and innovative advancements to enhance the overall user experience.

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