True demand for 3G-embedded mobile computing

Analyst claims new findings contradict reports suggesting that demand for 3G-embedded laptops and netbooks has been exaggerated

Mobile broadband comparison site Top 10 Broadband has rebutted reports that demand for 3G-embedded laptops and netbooks has been overestimated.  

Top 10 Broadband claims that its new findings contradict reports that are suggesting that demand for 3G-embedded laptops and netbooks has been exaggerated.

It cites one particular study from Disruptive Analysis reporting that projections for demand had been hyped up by PC manufacturers and that mass adoption of laptops with built-in broadband was years away. Disruptive Analysis forecast that in three years time the proportion of mobile broadband subscribers using built-in wireless would be just 30%, compared with 58% who will be using a dongle/external USB modem to get online.

Top 10 Broadband disagrees, arguing that based on over 1,000+ sales in November, deals from Vodafone and Orange which include laptops with embedded 3G broadband outstripped those which offer free laptops with external USB modems or dongles by a ratio of almost 3:2. It adds that such deals are now the third and fifth biggest selling mobile broadband offers on the site.

Commented Jessica McArdle, Top 10 Broadband’s marketing manager, “Demand for 3G-embedded laptop broadband deals has rocketed since the first consumer-targeted offer was launched in September 2008. Given how fast they are selling, we are baffled by these recent projections which seem to be speculative and have no grounding in actual broadband product sales.

 “Mobile broadband embedded laptops are seen as the compact, hassle-free alternative to using external mobile broadband dongles to connect to the internet on the go. Additionally at a time when belts are being tightened across the country, they can represent terrific value for consumers.”


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