Storage enhancement boosts mobile computing experience

New drives boost green computing whilst prolonging battery life whilst on the road

Improvement in the user experience of mobile applications is the principal benefit that Toshiba believes is possible by using its latest half-terabit small form factor hard disk drives (HDDs).

The flagship model in a series of Serial-ATA (SATA) 2.5-inch products, and available in capacities from 500 GB to 120 GB, the drives will see use in notebook PCs, sub-notebooks, small form factor and energy star PCs, game consoles, external storage devices and consumer electronics products.

The drives have been produced using what are claimed to be advanced servo techniques combined with mechanical design changes aimed at minimising noise emanating from the drives.

To boost green computing credentials, but perhaps most importantly prolong battery life whilst on the road, power consumption during data seek and read/write operation has been reduced by significant amounts  compared with that on Toshiba’s current products.

The new drive series will begin shipping in production volumes to OEMs and distributors in December 2008 and will be unveiled to the public in January 2009.


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